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Who may use this site
You must be at least 18 years old, and living in a place in which it is legal, to use any part of this site. This site contains images and text which are oriented toward an adult audience or that you may find offensive. (18 U.S.C. 2257 Statement)

Content allowed
Our web site is centered around original content, community interaction, and love! In our web site directory and download store, we only allow content that is of acceptable quality, and offers our visitors a genuine experience. Content that is illegal in the United States of America will not be accepted. We also will not link to any sites that contain real or implied depictions of forced sex, shitting, incest, kids or pre-teens, pedophilia, vomiting, beastiality, or necrophilia--even if it's totally fake, implied, or merely spoken. We do not allow web site submissions that contain affiliate linking codes in them, or any type of gambling or raffles. Please post only in the English language (use translation software if you need to) so that our moderators can understand you.

For any and all content uploaded to this site, including but not limited to videos and downloads for and not for sale, uploaded forum content and messages, profile and gallery pictures, the same rules apply as our web site directory rules, plus a few extra restrictions: We cannot allow any pissing, nudists, or anything related to celebrities. Approval of all content is determined on a case-by-case basis by our admins.

We will manually approve any download store before it is opened, and all prospective content is reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure that it is inline with the overall spirit of our site. It's a subjective job, but someone's go to do it.

Download Store and Refund Policy
Digital purchases made on the download store will be downloadable for a period of 5 days via your My Downloads section. These files are very large, so you must make sure that you have a reliable internet connection that is fast and robust enough to complete downloads that are the size of your purchase. You may not share or distribute any of the files that you purchase via any p2p, file sharing service, bit torrent, or any other method. By purchasing, you state that you are at least 18 years of age, and are accessing content from a location where it is legal to do so. Refund policy: Because of the nature of digital downloads, consideration for a refund will only be made after a full explanation of why you were not able to enjoy your purchase. Please review all of the promotional materials for your prospective purchase before committing to buying it, and note that some download scenes do not have videos in them. Producers participating in the download store system agree that they own or possess the copyright or license for everything they upload, that it's is legal, and that it abides by our content rules.

By uploading content, producers acknowledge and agree to the fees that will be deducted from each sale. Producers will be paid once per week, according to the instructions on the Add New Scene page. All actors and actresses in all uploaded scenes must be of legal age, and if there is any sexual activity, or anything else that Title 18 U.S.C. 2257 would require records for, the Producers must supply Custodian of Records information in the field provided for the corresponding download store of that material. The administrators of the site will review your content before approval and possibly after approval to make sure your content is on-topic and the files are not corrupt. Your content must contain "wam" as set by our community definition of wam. We do not accept material on our store that has scat or urine even when combined with wam. We will not allow any content that is illegal, features violence or hate, has children in any context, or depicts non-consensual sex. We give producers the ability to "un-publish" or hide content from the store temporarily, but as we do not charge storage fees, we may remove any content that has been hidden for too long, after a warning. When uploading content, producers will retain full ownership and copyright of their material. But the producer extends to us an unlimited license to store, duplicate, distribute, and sell said content. The producer may remove his material from sale on the store at any time, and may remove the actual files from our servers after any paying customers' access to the material has expired. We reserve the right to reject or remove any content from the store at any time, even if it has already been for sale or has sold copies. The producer assumes all responsibility for any legal repercussions resulting from the sale of their material, including but not limited to copyright disputes, and issues and conflicts with the models and actors. We do not hold responsibility for tracking down people who violate our terms of use by sharing purchased material.

User Conduct
Our community expects some constructive criticism of sites, content, and people, but we will not tolerate disrespect. This means no name-calling, physical threats, personal attacks, posting of someone's personal information, flame bait, flooding with messages, impersonating others, harassing through private messages (in the inbox or chat), or stuffing your opinion down peoples throats by use of repetition. We will take action when we deem that a user is purposely trying to upset the peace or trick others regarding his own identity. We do not allow the misrepresentation of your gender, or the use of our User Profile system to deceive others about who you really are. We do not allow the trading of passwords to pay-sites anywhere on this site. Please post your messages in the appropriate forum for that topic, or they may be moved by a moderator. You can feel comfortable about speaking your mind without tip-toeing around every word you type, but the moderators will move or erase any content, or ban any user, that is deemed necessary to keep the site legal and peaceful. If you have a problem with another user, or disagree with something a moderator has done, contact us on the Contact form.
User Conduct
The underlying principle of our site is that you must mean well. We are a community of courteous, respectful, insightful, and passionate people. Instead of trying to use hard legalese to constrain user behavior, we go the route of simply giving respect and expecting it back. Even in the most heated debate, there is room for maturity. So long as you behave with integrity, don't try to deceive anyone about who you are, and know the times when your welcome is worn out, then you should have no problems here. Oh, and don't trade passwords or paid content, and don't post anyone's personal information. Do not try to abuse our progressive approach to moderation. We do have a top-notch administrative team as well as a thorough community reporting system, and any abusers will be removed from the site and / or banned immediately.

Spam and Bumping
On the forums, users may only advertise web sites that are already listed in the Loverbuns directory. We do allow links to web finds, especially from sites such as Youtube. But the promotion of a commercial web site that is not listed in the our directory is not allowed.

Each reply to a forum thread returns that thread to the top of the forum, when sorted by Latest Post. We prohibit abusing this trait--posting unnecessary replies (bumping) just to keep a thread near the top. We do not allow more than one post per forum to advertise any given product. It is acceptable to advertise on the forum and What's New section again if your existing content has been moved to a new web site. We prohibit thread hijacking, which is replying to other people's threads just to plug one's own unrelated projects or to change the topic of conversation. Users may not post graphical banners in their signatures or user profiles. However, your signature may include a textual mention about your site or provide a text link to your site (without being size- or color-enhanced by html).

Fair Use
By uploading, hot-linking, or HTML-embedding any images, videos, or other content to our site via the forum or any other facility, you acknowledge that you are giving us the right to host, archive, download, modify, and distribute those images to the public. While actual copyright of the material remains yours, you give us the license to use your content and to make it viewable on our "picture browser," on the forum itself, in various other locations on the site, and on our sister sites. Once again, you are responsible for maintaining and making available the 18 U.S.C. 2257 statements where required by law. If the images you upload are not your intellectual property, you assume all responsibility to get permission to post them, and you bear all consequences of posting them.

Privacy Statement
Privacy to us is sacred and we will never share your information, e-mail address, visitation habits, or anything else with any third party, including social networks. We do not find value in compromising our users' information and violating their trust for marketing purposes. We do not even like the liability of collecting and storing personal information, so our M.O. is to collect as little possible for us to do our job.

Loverbuns internally uses cookies to keep you logged in and to remember your various preferences. We do not share them with any other site, and we don't allow other sites to set their cookies via our web site like other sites do. Also, your password is encrypted so nobody can read it, including us.

As with all websites, information about every contact your browser makes with the Loverbuns server is stored into logfiles. These data are necessary for legal due diligence, for statistics, and to be able to run the site. We use Google Analytics for our statistics analysis.

Please be reminded that content that you post here, including text, photos, and videos, is public, and will be seen by many people. Search engines can access it and once it's on the internet, it is indelible. We have several features such as the private profile option and private forum posting, but we cannot control what users do who can see your content. So use judgement when you post, and everything will be cool.
Privacyy coming soon.
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